Hi! I’m Beauregard, The New Therapy Puppy!


This is Beauregard, the latest addition to the Danville-Boyle County Senior Citizens Center Family!  He is an English Setter who will soon be beginning his training to be a Certified Therapy Dog.  Beau will have one big job here at the Center, and he is already proving he knows how to do it well by bringing joyful smiles to the faces of the everyone he has met so far.  Once he finishes his training, Beau will make a difference in the lives of our members here by showing them unconditional love and acceptance.

Beau comes to us from Flanagan Springs Kennel, where we had a chance to meet his parents and even his grandmother!  They all had a wonderful demeanor about them and if the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, then Beauregard is well on his way to being a great addition to our staff.  A big thanks to Susan for all her help in selecting the right puppy for our seniors is in order too, so thanks Susan!

Having Beauregard here to be a friend to our seniors is something our board is very excited to announce.  Of course, you animal lovers out there know that having a furry friend is very rewarding, but it is not cheap!  We are gladly accepting donations from the community to help us care for Beau just like we do our members, so if you would like to donate to the cause, you can do so by going to our PayPal Donation site by clicking here:


As always, feel free to call me or any of our staff with questions at (859) 236-2070 and follow us on FACEBOOK to see what’s next!