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It’s a Dog’s Life….

Beau Playing     Sleeping Beau

Many of you have been asking about Beauregard and how he is doing.  I am happy to report that he is doing just great!  Beau has been coming to the center with me every day, and though he spends most of his time asleep under my desk (he is still a baby, after all….) he is already bringing lots of smiles and enjoyment to everyone he meets.  We have been going to class together, and are both learning many new things on our journey towards being a therapy dog.  When we visit with our members, Beau walks around from person to person, gladly accepting pats on the head and scratches behind his floppy little ears.  We joke around and say he thinks he is people, and if I am not careful he may just wind up running the whole place!  If you are excited about what we are doing with Beauregard and would like to contribute to his ongoing training, you may do so by donating here:

Any donation is helpful, and I know our seniors would certainly appreciate it too.  If it helps, I can bring Beau by to lick your face and beg shamelessly.  He’s not above that….

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