Danville Cinemas 8

Movie Day!

Guerrant Real Estate

Special Thanks to Evelyn Page at GUERRANT REAL ESTATE for sponsoring our Adult Day Health Clients’ trip to the movies and Melton’s Deli on Tuesday!  To learn more about GUERRANT REAL ESTATE just click the name to go to their website or CLICK HERE for the their Facebook feed.  Also, feel free to follow MELTON’S GREAT AMERICAN DELI and DANVILLE CINEMAS 8 as well.  Thanks to these three local businesses for taking an interest in our center and what we do for our clients.  Now, go get some lunch, watch a movie, and buy a house!

As always, follow us on FACEBOOK to see what we are up to, and have a great day!

Melton's Deli                                Danville Cinemas 8