Senior Health

Dancing and Senior Citizens Activities in Danville KYExercise

The center also offers the seniors many fun, healthy and engaging programs. We want all our Seniors to be healthy AND happy, and The Gathering Place is THE place to make that happen! We offer health promotions options including: Yoga classes to keep bodies supple, Exercise classes designed to improve mobility, free weights and an Aerobic Rider to keep our Seniors strong, and a treadmill and elliptical cross trainer to encourage healthy heart rates and lean muscle mass. Check out our Events Calendar for a complete listing of exercise options.

  • Walk With Ease – a fitness program shown to reduce pain and improve health, developed by the Arthritis Foundation. It provides techniques to build and maintain a successful long-term walking for health program.
  • Yoga For Seniors – Classes to make yoga accessible to older adults through gentle poses and breathing exercises. Yoga is a no-cost form of exercise with big health benefits.
  • Exercise with Bernice – Gentle, muscle maintenance and flexibility exercises for Seniors who wish to maintain and improve their bodies, but need a regimen tailored to their current physical condition and ability level.

Food and Festivities for Senior CitizensEating

Our local agriculture extension agents offer classes on food safety, nutrition and cooking classes to help keep nutritious eating interesting! (Come check it out and sample some yummy, healthy food options that are fast and easy to prepare and gentle on the budget!)

Three times a week, our Seniors get together and come to The Gathering Place for economical hot meals and companionship. For those home-bound Seniors, unable to join us — we take the meals to them! Meals-on-Wheels delivers hot meals to Seniors across Boyle County five days a week, Monday – Friday. If you need to learn more about these programs, contact us!

The seniors also take a number of trips, many of which include trying some amazing new food while we are out. Want to plan in advance? See our Events Calendar for listings of upcoming events, educational programs and trips!